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What is CCN?

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The Comic Collectors Network (CCN) was born out of a love for comic books and a desire to develop a better way for collectors to buy, sell and track the comics that we collect.

CCN is part inventory management and part community. Dedicated to comics and collectibles only.

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Collection Management

  • Easily track the value of your collection with analytical data
  • Instant up-to-date value assessment
  • Inventory management allows you to add & delete issues, total copies, value and much more
  • Integration with CGC comic certification service
  • Global collection search
  • Coming soon:
    • Barcode data input
    • Enterprise accounts allow you to assign multiple members of your team to handle your collection
inventory management


  • Community forums allow you to talk with other CCN members (or one of our sleep deprived developers) about comics, movies, trades, etc.
  • Sponsored forums for easy access to local comic stores & expert knowledge (future release)
  • Live chat with members (future release)
  • Suggestions box to improve your experience (future release)
community groups and forums
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Our goal at the Comic Collectors Network is to provide a service that will bring value to our members, at a price that doesn't make your wallet run for cover.

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